Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ok fine...

Ok fine.. lolz... I realli dam long din post anyting ald also.. hahaha

anyway, some cool thing happen the other day.

I was just outside my accommodation, walking alone out.... then at a traffic light junction, i suddenly hear like, eh... got ppl speaking malaysian english leh....

I mean, now that Im at central london, its not that unusual to hear malaysian d laa.. but still, the Malaysia Boleh spirit in me force me to check out who isit... might be a hot girl. Who noes? ;)

So i turn around n guess who i saw...

ONG SHENG JIE ( Kho Kok Yan's ex for those who realli dono)

hahaha... wat the hell man... that was soo freaking random...

Im like eh!!! sheng jie(in chinese laa). sheng jie also quite surprise to hear someone call his chinese name. Haha he even more surprised when he saw me.. =)

Anyway, we kinda exchange fon number n stuff ( n say lets come out together for lunch sumtime, which never happen =/).. so yeah... haha

then 2 nites ago, there is this Msian party for all uni students from msia/singapore. I bought the tickets n went lor.. then, wth, met him there again... lolz.. the world is so small man.

Then he took me around to intro me to his frens. Turns out his frens all my seniors from Concord College pula.. hahaha he also like EH! how on earth u noe all my frens one??

Talk about coincidence guys.... =D

But come to think of it laa.. wat are the odds man, of meeting someone in london, not oni tat u din even noe he is studying here, he is from Msia, actually from Alor Star, Kedah. Summore live in taman golf pula n everyday sit same uncle bus back together... lolz...

Yeah.. so on another stuff. This morning i went to this anime expo at london. Its basically a place for anime + game freaks laa... my fren invited me go, i jz follow lor.

But i tink none of u watches any anime or wat.. so... well, jz let u see laa hahaha

These are ppl cosplaying. If u dun understand, it actually stands for costume + playing. means the person wears the costume of the character they love most. Oni the most fanatic fan would do it.

This is me kena tangkap by the Star Wars Troopers.... T___T

There is seriously a section on this there. Needless to say, I did not wei bei my liang xin and avoided it. =D

This is my friend trying to cosplay as a ninja.

Another fren wif REAL full costume Alien VS Predator, Which was super cool.

Some of the nice posters on sale there.

Another good cosplayer - Tousen from Bleach

One of the main highlights of the event - the cast of TV series Heroes.
Anyone who watches it can identify who is who?

This is the Master Chief from the Halo series of XBox. Anybody knows?