Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Good Luck to all~~~

Yo guys.... i noe now all ppl r a bit stressed? i dono u all but i DEFINITELY am... lol

cuz like u all noe the A-levels AS exams ald started liao lor.... now all those taking a-levels in private colleges sure panic liaoz... =/ includes me.. haha

so... to all those taking a-levels de ppl, GOOD LUCK!! SELAMAT MAJU JAYA!!! JIA YOU!!! GAMBATEH!!! i tink oni me, wuwu n jojo all 3 taking a levels

as for others, good luck in ur now studies lor.. those taking f-6 hope u all happy back in old skul again, seeing old skul teachers faces again.... lol.. n wah!!1 congrats to nick lor.. 1st day back in skul ald whole skul noe him liao.. popular guy lor.. envy envy~~~~

n those get JPA de lor... wen go out of country pslplsplpslpsl mus remember all of us lor... those going to japan arr... ahem.... remember got pics of lenglui or japanese stars musmusmus take n send us o!!! i wan ayumi hamasaki.....XD"