Friday, 25 May 2007


F6,i dunno wad to talk much much wrong much later..
hmm,actualy i'm not feeling good these days...many many things in my mind..
being shuyi like me,i think i wont let myself bother it much rite..but sumhow i feel like..i do reali care..
HW,i read again ur msg u wrote last time... it helps me a lot,but too made me realise that i reali miss u much..
in the past,i know i cuo guo le many many things.. n i'm wondering izzit i'm such a nerd for being lik tht...n now i know sumhow sumth is the 1 i wil nvr get back like last time dy..jz like frenship..betwen me n yy..
I always feel like i'm not in the world u all stupid.. jz i dun wanna admit it only.. n actualy many many things,i do care much,but i jz keep quiet...coz i know i tak layak to kira much,n i jz dun like to kira much.. but i know it hurts me sumhow..
Feeling like making trouble again.. ..but i never meant it..sorry..