Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hey bRedpitS =)

Halo everyone..thanks very very muchy....hmm,u all know,every1 heard Ireland,1st respond sure is...wah,very cold de now shuyi everyday sure say,''walau hot die me'',train to stay cool lo..haha..

HW,i received ur voicemail dy,thanks o..i ll jia you jia you,then pia go Ireland,then ma can meet u all there dy =)

Pit JO,2 years later u post me a pair of socks from UK time muz ask u how u stay outside there 1 small little tiny gal go there,sdkt sbyk oso got bit scare scare leh...hehe..

LC,oik guy,going to study soon rite?? wish u all the best!! go Japan so nice...Jia you,learn more Japanese ya...ush ush ush!! hehe...

n all who going to start schol,jia you too..=)