Wednesday, 9 May 2007


This is the 2nd untitled post i write today.. hmm,HW,u shot the point...heart to heart talk,it's impossible to all of us now i think..n tht's y,no1 ll understand anyone bit confusing wat m i writing actualy.. today read a news,suddenly realize something.. jz realize how i behave from last time...

Nic,i noe sometime u r serious,n i noe in certain thing u wont treat it as a laughing matter..jz u keep it in ur heart ma...i noe i noe...

KANG YING YING,welcome back!! i stil remember i call u lik tht everytime i c u..hha..

HW, i din kira much la...i dy said i 4get bout tht incident long time ago..when XT start the topic only i recall it back..haha..chinese got a proverb,''old 1 din go, new 1 wont come''rite?? so i can buy new 1 nice...hahaha.. n i think now every1 busy preparing to go back to school kut..i myself c those doc then start yawning dy...haiz..

~end~ -_-