Wednesday, 9 May 2007

WTH----> heAven or hEll??

Apa ni... y pull me down pula???

Hmm,tell u all, shuyi now kena pampered like crazy,very very scare hot sun dy i think mayb it will b HELL for me at the beginning..but dun forget shuyi can adapt anyth well,n of course i belive it ll b HEAVEN after that...

Jz like last time i hate to go AIMST,but then at last feel reluctant n sad to say bye bye.... ...haha..always like that de..but sy ady use to it,n take it easy dy... so kang ying ying,it's jz part n parcel of life to say bye with fren...the wonderful time that passed wont come again, jz keep it as a nice memories.. everyone ll have their own hectic lifes soon...n everyone r going to have their own story,new memories,n fairy tale... esp those far away from us...we cant stick together always like last time,do support XT to have at least a gathering will do..haha..that's the time evey1 can share their stories rite??

Kang ying ying, kiri kanan last time i pusing till scare dy st john de,dun forget..haha..i jz lke that PANG PANG PANG--M16!! haha..i dun think i can touch it in my life lo..

Well, Appreciate n B thankful to GOD is what i learnt lately..hope u all too ^^