Friday, 15 January 2010

More snow!!!

Yet another snow day in London. This time i took about an hour going around my area taking some pictures...

Lately i noticed that alot of our friends got the photography "poison" already.. all start to buy dlsr here and there...

y so fast want dslr? compact can also take good pics marrr... summore much more easier to carry around also.. =P

i want to prove compact can take good dslr-grade pics also!!! =D

A view from London Bridge. FYI, the bridge that London is famous for is NOT called
London Bridge, its called Tower Bridge.

THIS is called Tower Bridge.

One of the snow-covered statues in my uni.

My uni's 'little' garden

Lots of snow-covered cars

Looks like the tables from fairy tales, Hansel & Gretel,
eating the witch's house which is all made of sweets.



Primary school children playing in the snow.. snow fight!!!




Looks like a looooong green tea flavoured cake with icing on the top =D

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow~~~

Another garden outside my house.

Now for my submission to vs the dslr cameras ----->

Snow on the holly hedge

A berry trapping some snow with its vines

A different angle view of the holly plant

Another berry trapping an even larger globule of snow

More snow covered plants

How? all pictures above taken using a Canon Ixus 800IS that is at least 4-5 years old~~~ =P

Anyway, for the answer to the last Japanese song, its this one :-

F4 - 流星雨

For this post the song I'm choosing is this :-

Kiroro - Mirai e

Okay, thats it for this time, take care!!!

PS: sorry there's 2 youtube clips, but the 1st one abit cacat one, so listen to the 2nd one ya =)


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