Friday, 9 November 2007

sorry eng

yo eng.. sorry...
v v sorry..
i baru notice tiok after u say..
bt there's no way to correct it.. so.. hehe..
i have to take it down nia lo..
not purposely 1 la..
forgive me la k??
bt no post..
eat also ur routine... then no nid pangsai a, kang hean wu??
kidding only la..dun angry la.. i noe u are..
btw.. eng changed a lot d..
she'll be very sad if she noes u dun understand her..
even wan yen ponteng, eng also bo ponteng a..
cos she dun wan stand super..
haha.. stand super is wat they wil do..
if without certs.. haha
yo hao..
your msg i belum baca..
wil give it a read n reply u asap..
cos these few days.. 12.5% indian bek..
so bo eng keluar..
n for ah pit pit.. all the best in ur exam..
i mean xiao qing..
jo ni... em..
happy slimming la.. haha..


Ah eng o said...

haih..put liao da pic no mean not put macam bukan bredpits eh nei...????
ah nic oi.. puit bigger size for it la!!!seemed u said no way correct it then macam mana ni???

wah i chged a lot?hopefully is chg better i wan start ponteng le coz go skol tat teacher dun wan in class n evryday go skol macam c those childish classmates play duno wat gina games kek si lang so i decided le dis monday wont go skol MAYB..(need c my math teacher got in class ma..)
haih,stand super reali v ci cam de but i scare mayb 1 day i ll bcome like tat..c oon oso dare tell u al her place in her terrible la..failed again..haih..pressure u noe?can giv up1 cant understand da concept difficult to live in f6..Oon always said scared cant get same place or even high place in skol next time..u al pls tolong advice her la..she ad v hardworking but she ll pressure abt the place lo.i duno how advice her le..myself ni i oli hope B for my subjects but i not even can do add oil for me n al bredpits lo...

lastly yesterday v went play futsal lo..kang hean wu..miss da time u al play liao lehh...???kakakaz...i even fall down luckily no camera tat time abo sia sui si...but al last my team win oso not bad not bad..:4-0 lo...

1 more yr to go..tat time i ll b more free n relax but lc oso nealy go JAPAN tat time sigh again..wat da life ???