Sunday, 21 January 2007

Reply To Those Bread-Addicted-Pits In UK

Hey.. u guys so serious there a?? everyday cheese n bread..?? schools dominated by chinese?? 6 freaks subjects??? anyway those in malaysia still normal here.. waiting for job n only one pit feel v sien down in penang!! haha.. she deserved it la!! haha..

miss toh a.. u shud be enough to handle the cold weather with the adipos u have so cut down on the intake of high fats food.. so do mr kang.. he's more than enough.. mr khor can take more but not too much too.. haha.. wat phone models that miss toh n mr khor u guys signed?? din tell us too.. only mr kang that told us his..

u guys pls pls pls upload a photo la.. se w850 is for snapping photos 1.. dun just noe how to write.. we want ur actual face n body size la..haha... wan see mr khor's FUR got grow bo... wan see hean wu's eyes got get bigger bo.. n also THE MOLE.... THE MOLE..... not drama eh.. but its jo's eh.. haha

all the best ya!!!