Saturday, 13 January 2007

The Best Lovely 'Couple'

So lovely.. dunno whether they are acting or going underground!!


QinG~ said...

Hey hey hey..
beware of ur words..
haha.. by the way..
we have the same eyes..
cute rite??
hahaha.. dun faint ya frens.. =P

Nic said...

wat i said??? haha.. cute till vant see de right??? haha

Hean Wu said...

wei... dun like tht say me and my lou po la... beat u all de pet pet only u noe lo.... haha... vy nice vy nice... and vy god job nick.. din expect tht either... please do keep on coming up wif pics of my entao face k... and m qing qing... wa still so qing chun mei li like qing tian like tht.. haha..