Tuesday, 11 November 2008

spaghetti day

hooray.. finally jolyn created her own blog.. bt we also had our whale of time.. today is our spaghetti day!!! me, eng n wan yen cooked spaghetti for lunch in tian's hse.. although the onion a bit burnt.. bt stil taste nice.. haha..b4 this we go buy stuffs in as mall. lots of craps that we joked and ah eng is a joker today.. then ah eng's mum sent some food and we had some crabs.. n stupid story of KING card.. haha.. the card where v heard jian hao kiss yee ping.. siok lo her..
then somebody called... a so called stranger wanted to study in tian's hse.. bt we rejected him.. haha.. n he's a fan of some1.. haha... so that's our today.. frankly we din study much.. bt hopefully we will tmr.. =). by the way tmr at xin tian's hse again n we r going to eat at hai tao ki for dinner!!! enjoying !!! bredpits are really good!!