Friday, 19 October 2007

report (nic's version)

kaka... pg diaries from guys' views..
oh the drink call ice blended red bean la..
eh who ji niao ha???
got ppl ji niao meh???
oh ya.. they change inside the car easy ma..
won wet the pants ma..
kee put sun block on his dick so that his dick won lut pui ma
bt he really kept the money inside his undies la..
oh ya.. dun say til we like "lu shi yi" la..
my face really funny meh???
no gua???haha
oh.. ah eng wear swimmin costumes leh!!!
wooooooo.. so brave!!! pink in colour 1...
i mean the suit.. not the XXXXXX
wu.. dun so notty n think other way round if u see this...
oh eng is momentum kurang so cant slide down la..

in pg, really got accident meh??
we all sleep till macam pig d..
too tired ma..
bout the steamboat thing..
no controversy btw the gals n boys.. so eng's opinion is dependable..
oh ya.. smtg to add.. after eating.. we wan go gurney drive..
bt we round the whole pg stil come bek to the same spot b4..
so its like we round the whole pg to go gurney drive.. hehe...
then the pang sai part... pls ask kean nian for further info.. haha..
he occupied the toilet at nite til u ying's mum cannot use..
too bad..
busy with his business!!!

oh ya. the next day 1.. only the 2 watch chuck n larry.. others watch the seekers..
nice movie also la..
that day eng bo syok lo..
cos joon n lc go find SHIEH ER.. haha..
kidding la..
bt dunno eng got jealous not...
n nite we bo see leng luis na..
we all loyal eh...
n eng, those stuffs we talk on the car dun tel da gals ya..!!1
n lc gai lo..
drop me n xiu at petronas nia.. dun wan fetch us home..
bt anyway he did a great job d la..