Saturday, 20 October 2007

wu.. chill

take some chill pill wu... chill....
hehe... dun so emo la..
u evyday potato a??? too bad..

not full reunion la.. semi only..
not all la...
gals jus got 3 nia la..
so not considered full reunion..
da pit pit wy busy jamming ma..
wu, fly bek la.. forget bout the interview la..
now noe how to miss me d la.. haha
so do i leh..
my class ppl sucks lo.. left xin tian, wan yen, eng nia can go eh..
all beh ki d.. sigh.....

so enjoy ur mid term hols ya..
cos we now going to skul reopen d..
cant play more liao...
too bad....
bye for now..
all the best..