Thursday, 28 June 2007

my life in malacca

hey,evry1,long tme no c ya..hehe,i realy duno how 2 sign in and leave a comment here until muk chui nicholas teach me,sory ya,nic..if i stil din post stg here abt my life in malacca,u sure wil kip on nagging me,haih..okla,im d here 4 several weeks,3weeks i tink if nt currently stable here,the oni problem is duno wher 2 go 4 lunch and dinner,dun1 2 repeat my meals evryday at same place la,how r??haih..watever la..heheeh,guys,u all wan 2 kno wher is da 1st venue i visit in malacca since i was here?hehe,da answer is HOSPITAL PANTAI AYER KEROH,cz i got food poisoning on saturday and went 2 hospital on 1stg midnite..haha,i kno u all sur wil perli me when i go back dere..expecially nicholas..haih..klah..dats all la,hope 2 c u all guys,since long time din gather 2gthr d,hehe..c u,chao!!