Friday, 24 August 2007

Kayuhan Merdeka (RIMUP)

helo guys..long time din post ady..coz ntg 2 write ma..
however however i juz back from kayuhan merdeka eh camp..
its a program where pasing bicycle from state 2 state til putra jaya..
tues we went 2 sempadan perlis take over bicycle from perlis..
then we use 2 days cycle cycle n cycle more than 140km..
then yest evening pas 2 penang ady o..
we use those old road not high pas as n sp town..
police open d road 4 us..trafic light oso no ned cap..haha..
quite fun o although my ass blue black ady coz cycle so long..
its a different experience wat..
however d hostel is v v v bad..
got 1 nite hv 2 slep on flor which got ant n cockcroach..geli..
erm sum of us wil b chocen 2 putra jaya 4 d free..
depend on our stamina n attitude..
n gues wat? im d chosen 1..i nv thought i wil b chosen..hahahaha..
tis mayb wil b d only chance in my life 2 join i thk..
erm..however i sacrific lot..sun burn..
n almost burn out ady..n ant n mosquito bite me al over my leg..
mayb u al wil thk its useles 2 join al these..
but it realy train my determination n stamina..
sum of d malay india n chinese guy wonder y i can cycle so far..
they ask me whether i hv ben through al those training..
coz we can change wif fren if tak larat..
but i din change diok..coz i wan chalenge myself 2 finish up whole journey..
n i do it!!! yeah....
even d trainer notice bout me n tel me 2 work hard coz they wan chose me 2 go..
cool rite? not wan ian la..juz wan share my hapines wif u al..
d conclusion is..i din regret i went there..coz i realy learn somethin..
n most important is..i got national eh cert..kaka..