Thursday, 4 September 2008

Form 6 Farewell Party

it's been a week after the farewell party d. now only i have some free time to post some photos..
last week was quite fun la.. we have hao go play piano n xiang wei sing.. to show their ability to lower sixth form..
we have xiao qing & her darling, hean wu, hao, eng, tian n me.. pit wan yen bo go cos tuiton. Jo bo go cos bo eng..
anyway here are some photos bout the party

My class, contains me n tian

Me n pit Qing

Me n Miss Form 6, Eunice Lim

Me n Eng.. she still that cute right?? haha..

Me n Yuin Yuen, d gal ah wu likes n so do all of us.. pity she cant get miss form 6

n thx xiao qing n her dar for fetching us bek.. both of them v sweet in car.. have u ever c a parasite?? that's them.. me n hao jus suddenly become hollow man..