Friday, 22 May 2009

Guess who?

Hmm........ Y so many people one?

All waiting for 1 special person....

In front of me

Summore all black hair one pula.....

N this is happening in the middle of London,

the ang moh central...

Super rare to see so many black haired, South East Asian looking people congregating in 1 small hall...

Behind me
( thats my forehead, hair n eyebrows saying hello to u from London~~~ ;D )

Look at everyone's face...

Filled with anticipation...

Wah~~~ can u guys feel the tension too?

Just waiting for this special person?

I felt it, definitly^^

A video to 'tickle' and increase our anticipation for the special person.

The special person, so special....

Sampai the introductory speech have to be given by the Malaysian High Commissioner...

Who travelled all the way from the Malaysian Embassy (at Knightsbridge - where Harrod's is) to the Malaysian Hall ( at Bayswater - synonymous to the best roast duck in UK^^)

Thats like a 30 minute car ride for him. I said car ride cuz he came in like black mercedes n stuff.... ( Hai... all the politicians n government people always get the good stuff~~~)

The Malaysian High Commissioner

Then finally~~~~

After such a long and agonising wait~~~

Cheng Cheng Cheng~~~

The special person finally appeared!!!!!

Take deep breath~~~~~

Please tell me everyone can recognise who this is?

Its our favourite Tun!!!

Bapa Kemodernan Malaysia...

Our 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years...

Our kampung buddy from Alor Star....

Live opposite Hai Tao Ki only...

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad!!!

Tun giving speech

The speech he was giving was involving criminalising war....

Which was good, yeah...

But during the time when he was giving the speech, the whole of Malaysia was preparing to embrace Najib as the 6th Prime Minister.

Everyone was expecting little snippets of political views from him...

But we were all disappointed =(

But nonetheless, it was really an eye-opener, being able to finally attend a talk held by the man who shaped our country till how it is today...

U have heard so many stories about how articulate n sharp he is.

But u gotta be there to REALLY understand what people meant by that.

At 80+ years old, he is as old as, if not even older than most of everyone's grandparents.

And yet there he is still, at the podium, the centre of attention of everyone, giving speeches and answering everyone's questions saturated with intelligence, facts and wit.

The next day when i read The Star online, he was already back in Malaysia attendng the ceremony for the appointment of Najib to be the 6th Prime Minister.

1 day prior to the speech, he was also still in Malaysia... =O

Can u imagine his stamina? Flying across the globe 2 times in 2 days?

I would have died..... =P ( Well, there is the fact that he travels 1st class n get special treatment n stuff, but i digress....)

( PS: I was actually one of the lucky few who was able to actually sneak up n take a picture with Tun & his wife, but its in my phone... remind me to show u guys the pic, if any of u are interested that is^^ )


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Johnny Ong said...

i can say tha tun mahathir is a really fit old man. i believe he has a full time dietitian or a nutritionist following him wherever he goes