Sunday, 3 February 2008

menu update

yu sang platter, chicken cream soup, tortilla roll, dinner roll.
seafood fried rice with mixed vegetable, mamak fried noodles, crispy fried chicken with thai style sauce, spaghetti bolognaise chicken, vegetable spring rolls.
fruit platter, crystal strawberry jelly.
orange cordial.

chatting, film- killing a.k.a. photo shooting, admiring pretty boys o gals, birthday celebration for 2008, online sharing with our frens over the sea!! n some surprises!!!

guys bring laptop so we can celebrate new yr with uk ppl!!!!

Now we add 2 dishes. Add a dinner roll n tortilla roll.. Bt price is stil da same..
If we dun buy wine o anything else shud b below 25 la..
To save the earth from pollution n save malaysia's petrol, every1 is advised 2 carpool.! Tian also say da gals dun wanna drive. So carpool lo.
Dis condition doesn't apply 2 our fren dat rejected tian n wan go in couple mode.

For north as, find mr heng.
Middle as find another mr heng.
East as find mr chang o mr goh.
West as find mr anti-orangie.
South as find mr turtle.
Taman saga 1 find mr pikachu
N dun kacau mr tan ling cheik, he wont fetch u..
Except u turn into madam kang

Pls book mr ewe o mr heng kj before its too late!

Happy chinese new year!!