Sunday, 10 February 2008

new year gathering

take 1

take 2

ke ai version

with joon

xiao qing can compete with zi hong d.. the face

wan shin leh.. shocked??

our cake.. sambil celebrate for valentines 1

wu, dun jealous.. haha

jian hao n zi hong

the chipmunk

haih.. every party also c the same 1 til sien d.. haha

wat can she do?? jus smile.. haha

all together

2 ppl at bek buat kacau

our tai ga che leh!!

they love each other very much..

for sold.. bid price starting from $100

may bday

they destroyed the cake!!

all stuck to kj d

july bday.. less jolyn n ah wu o..

nian hao ke ai wor..

they r trying to kiss her..

3 bredpits..

miss lee ai leh.. long time bo c right??

the gals..

the guys

weng terr...

she was so happy..

aint they gorgeous?

with 2 leng luis

yee sang!!

the most natural push up.. i mean zi hong

siok la him

yee sang..

they married d

all busy eating


eat eat eat


shall we dance?

soon han.. wat r u thinking?

a2 siao kia.. bq sub xiu