Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My 20th (Day 1)

Yo~~~~ after sooo long liao, hahaha i finally took some time off to write about my 20th, as requested by nic there.....

As u guys know, it has been 3 years since I last celebrated my bday in Msia, 3 years I have celebrated mine here in UK. However, this year its different, cuz i celebrated it in London~~~^^.

hahahaha i oso wanna really thank everyone who wished me, be it on my Facebook, SMSes or even blogs.... i REALLY REALLY appreciate them, and a GREAT BIG HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to all u guys!!!! =D

okay, enough chattering then, my bday started with..................................

Not a phone call from Barack Obama

Not a kiss from Jessica Alba

Not a hug from Tifa Lockheart(whose poster is now hanging in my room)...

No, none of the above... SIGH......

BUT . A . STUPID . #*$^#&$^#($&@(# . PRESENTATION!!!

Stupid dam presentation, took up my whole week, including my burfday eve eg: 12am wen my bday officially started.... ~____________~ had to slave myself in front of the dam computer till bout 2am oni baru finis n go sleep.

Next morning presentation.. haiz dowan tok bout it lah, but anyway it wuz the start to a realli realli realli nice stretch of week of realli sunny days in the UK. All over can see ppl just

lying on the grass (full of dog shit)

eating (again, the dog shit), playing and chatting.....

such a nice day that i refused to just go back into my room n EMO alone....... cuz

蜡烛点了 寂寞亮了

hahah ALL HAIL EMO POSTS~~~~ =/ So I went out, ask my sifu, whose name is actually Nick to teach me abit of football in the afternoon.............. he wuz laughing cuz i cant kik ball still haiz.......... Dun siao siao, he wuz actually from the Southhamption youth team last time one, trained wif the Southampton Premier League team, tat wuz wen Southampton wuz still in Premier League lah...

This is Nick, full name oso Nicholas.

Anyways, we play play while, then at night my bro asked me out for dinner, so I went to makan with him lor... We went to a place tats quite near my place - The Slug and Lettuce.

Yes, I know the name sounds weird... Ask the ang moh lah... Theres also another restaurant called the Hare and Tortise... go figure..

Its actually quite a posh restaurant + pub, quite expensive but then we got a voucher for 2 for 1 on main courses, meant we only had to pay half price lah.. =)


My Sausages and Potato Mash

The side me n my bro shared together - Beer-battered Onion Rings. Its a bit dark, i know.. =/

My bro's Classic Beef Burger

The cocktail we both shared - WooWoo : "Blend of Redbull with Vodka and a dash of cranberry juice"
Tasted like cough medicine... =(

Me drinking the cough medicine

My bro =D

Our food~~~ it wuz really really dark, so the pics did not turn out nice..

After the dinner, chatted wif my bro for like 1 hour.. lol the things u can tok bout between siblings~~~~ =)

Then as i wuz walking home, Ah Wu called me (at 11pm!!!!) to go see him at our uni's bar.... hahahaha since the night still so young, go over lor.. ^^

Met Ah Wu @ Guy's Bar, our campus's own bar. Thx for the drink^^ will belanja u back sometime soon =D

So, tats only the 1st day of my bday hahahah~~~~ still got more =) but have to wait lah.. posting 1 blog entry REALLY REALLY takes a hell lot of time and energy lah~~~

So, wait for my 2nd day post soon ^^ Ciao~~~~