Saturday, 11 April 2009

learning 2 b a cook lately..

bec from market..

Mis. Ying n her carrot..

Workin hard 4 my tom yum..

she used al her strangth 2 open 2 can..
actualy she did it d wrong way wakaka..
eng's soup..

tom yam..be4..

tom yam..after..
look quite nice..of course taste nice oso lar kaka..
big big egg..

new born model- Mis. Kang Ying Ying..
promoting her house egg..=.=''
eng's long bean..
after finish she say no taste wor..
of course lar bo add salt wat..
lastly d taste is ok ady..suces!!

advertisement time!!!
eng put d bird nest in uper part of fridge n
4get take out..=.=''
but lok nice here..

egg+long bean
tis dish din lok bout d taste?
ask eng..coz i din eat vege..keke..
as a conclusion..suces lar!! congratulation 2 mis. kang n mis. oon..wee..