Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Long Time No See, 好久不见,さしぶりです...

Yo, hello all!!!! After such a looooonnnnnngggggggg time, I finally got my internet, like 30 mins ago. Stupid British..... Everyone thinks there are like sssooo good, soo efficient blah blah blah.... HELL NO!!!!

Took me freaking 1 month to get my phone line working, when it would have only took 3 days, then another 10 days waiting for the internet!!! @$^@%#@^*#*@&#

1st the person at the BT (that's British Telecommunication, same as Telekom) say I just need wait 6 hours. Then after 6 hours no line, phone back again, say need engineer come fix line, which costs me 122 pounds. Im like #$&^#&$ but okay, let him come.

Then when I phone again, another operator say my house no need engineer, so cancelled the engineer appointment. Then she check again, say need engineer again pula, then have to rescedule to 1 week later again cuz engineers not free.

Then when I phone back again to reconfirm appointment, they say my line is already connected. I tried using, but totally no dail tone. Then I gave them the time when I am free so engineer can come. Then the engineer gao gao zho lao gao come 2 hours later, when I need to go class. Then he say oh too bad, u have to rescedule again.

Im ald like gonna F*** U but bo pian, have to rescedule YET AGAIN. dam cibai one these ang moh lao gao. Then later only engineer come to fix line. AFTER THAT only start 2 apply internet, another 10 days wait... then only sampai now, baru can online.. OMG!!!

Im like sssoooo out date with news around the world now.... Apparently got like earthquake, typhoon, snow etc etc.... 1 word-the world is going crazy lah.. the Mayan's prediction 2010 might actually come true.. SO REMEMBER TO WATCH 2010!!!! =) [no, Im not paid to advertise the movie]


Anyways, rants aside, I would like to say sorry to all cuz kenot online at all, so no emails sent, no msn, no news from me... so hope u all forgive me lah... I'm still alive yaaa....

Oh ya, Nic, this is my belated birthday gift from me to u, hope u like it ~~~~~

Yup, its pics of .........

I hope even those who don't watch football at least know where this is....

The full panoramic view from the outside

Friends I went with. The guy on the right is a Korean though haha =)

The entrance we went into, quite self explainatory

The home of the Red Devils

Some of the cups they've won

The replicas again. 2nd time seeing them, might actually be the same ones.
This was in the waiting room, we were waiting for the tour to begin.





We're in!!!!

The Nike sign

The legendary field itself.
It's kinda hard to imagine that I am actually there, its soooooo much different than what we see on TV

The seats around me. Contrary to beliefs, the seats are actually super comfy. They are actually cushioned so ur @$$ don't feel sore even after 1 hr++ sitting down (not like thats what anyone normally do in a football match)

It is hard to get this across, but Old Trafford is SERIOUSLY HUGE. And its so breathtakingly beautiful. Seriously. I held my breath when I 1st stepped into the stadium itself.
Its not like some small gray dingy stadium like the on on Jalan Stadium. This is actually an art by itself. Everything is clean and in order.
Even the pics i took gives no justice to the actual stadium itself.
Being the 2nd largest stadium in the UK (apparently) it seriously is amazing how they manage to keep everything tidy. I forgot to mention this, but barely 24 hours ago was the 2-1 match between Man U and Bolton. So u can imagine how efficient they are. There is absolutely not a speck of dirt when we were there.
Just take my word for it.

The path inside the stadium to get around.

Then, we were led to what the tour guide claims to be the best view of the whole pitch.

He was not lying.

From this angle, you can see the whole stadium without even moving 1 muscle of ur neck.
Notice those bunch of people on the letter 'S'. There was where I was in 5 pictures ago.

Anyone wants to have a go at guessing the price of the seats at this area?

Take 2 with me in it. (Just in case anyone forgets who am I T____T)

Answer to the question before : FREE

Yup, the best seats in the stadium are free. But not for u or me... Its only for disabled people. So the OKU gets the best of the best if they go watch football there. Free tickets + best seats somemore~~~~

After that, we were taken to a bunch of plaques to commemorate what the tour guide said as the 'Munich Tragedy'. Call ur diehard Man U fans explain. I'm not THAT into football...

Then, the better part of the tour began....

I can already see the sides of your mouth curling up~~~~

This is the Int. Hons. Board where they honour the players of Man U who went on to represent their country's football teams. Apparently Owen's name is not there cuz he is not in the England team when he joined Man U. I wasn't able to look at the names cuz we weren't there for long. Maybe Park Ji Sung's name might be there......
Btw, this is in the Player's Lounge where they chill out after a match and 'entertain' the visitor teams.

Yeah.... the best part - the actual changing room of the players.

It was only less than a day ago when all of the Man U players were actually sitting here getting ready for the game.

To be honest, it actually smelt good in there. I was expecting lots of BO and sweaty armpit, wet socks, mud & grass smell there but it actually smell fresh in there. Ventilation there must be good...

The clothes are just there for reference purposes, of course the players don't have to actually sit the same place everytime they are there.

That's actually Van der Sar next to Kuszcak but no time to take cuz people flocking around.

No offense, but I can only barely recognise 50% of the names there.. haha, so I just randomly took some of those that I don't even know.... =P

The poor benchwarmers? They were hidden in the darkest corner of the whole room...

The stratergy place. Its hard to imagine but less than 24 hours ago, Sir Alex Ferguson was standing there pointing here and there. Notice the lil Ipod dock below the screen. Wth would u need an Ipod dock for at half time? Maybe listen to Glory Glory Man U to brain wash them.

The backgrounds that you always see on TV when there interview the players.

The entrance to the field. It feels surreal to actually stand here.
Home team stands to the left (from this angle), Visitor teams stand to the right.


Watch this little clip to have a feel of it....

The entrance to the field. The corridor, the TV background and the lil hallway are just behind us, as u can see.

Then, we exit into the actual pitch itself

I was this close to the grass.

The goal post was just barely 10m away from me.

The path beside the pitch. If u can notice the seating area on the top right corner of the picture, that was the area that has the best view of the stadium, the free seats.

The Theatre of Dreams.

Then, we walked to where the Tai Kor of both teams seat during matches.

The visiting team's area. No one wants to take picture here... so prejudice one...
The seats are, for some unknown reason, racing car seats. maybe cuz they were sponsered by Audi...
Believe me though, the seats are dam comfy as well.... Maybe thats y the managers always stand up during games. If not they might fall asleep seating on these seats.

The Home Team area....
Maybe Sir Alex Ferguson's fart is still left lingering somewhere there...

After that, Its already the end of the whole tour.... It was nearly an hour but well worth it.

The Man U Megastore

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.... The next time I'm there, its definitely to watch a match. ^^