Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bronze Medallian

Dont misunderstood..i didnt get any bronze medal..
its the name of the level of life saving skills i just passed..
its divided into 3 level..
Bronze Medallian, Bronze Cross, Award and Distinction..
to be an instructor, you need to pass all levels..
to be a life guard, you only need to pass the first one..
mean............im qualified!! =)

here to share with you all what i had learn..
Events of my exam included:

1) Swimming
Speed: 100m within 1 minute 40 seconds
( very very very less people pass before )
Endurance: 300m within 9 minutes

2) Reaching Rescue
Victim in deep water 2m away, rescuer stay beside pool,
pass the aid from the side ( eg. stick ) and pull him back,
perform cross arm pull to pull victim our of the pool..

3) Throwing Rescue
Time limit: 1 minute ( from starting till the rope reach victim )
Victim 10m away in deep water, use unweighted rope

4) Cross Chest Tow
Fully clothed ( both victim and rescuer wear formal )
Swim 20m, perform reverse when victim try to grab
do underwater swim and appear from victime's back
swim back stroke, 2 hand support victim to ly on rescuer

5) Aided Tow
Aid ( 2m rope )
Swim 50m, tow 50m
3 minutes for men, 3:15 for women

6) Combine Rescue
Swim 20m, submerge with head first to reach first brick
depth: 2.5m, swim underwater for 5m, take 2nd brick
victim is above 2nd brick, pass both bricks to victim
both dive with feet first, rescuer support victim to the water surface
give blow each 3 pull of side stroke until reach the side
within 10 seconds, exit victim (unconcious) from pool
perform full set of CPR, vomit, EAR, recovery position

7) Chin Tow With Restraint
Deep water, swim 50m to the victim, perform reverse,
chin tow victim till deep water, victim struggle
perform restraint ( pinch nose, cover mouth, clamp shoulder, hand up )
give instruction, ''don't struggle!"
Chin tow victim back to side of the pool

8) Underwater Swim
Swim underwater for 25m without breaking water surface

9) Defence and Releases
-reverse -single leg block -counter leg block -duck away
-arm pulls release -push up break -elbow break

10) Compact Jump
Jump from 1 floor height into the pool ( =.='' )

Can you all imagine how tired am i after finished all events?
anyone interested to join life saving?! haha..
Actually i had been through a tough journey lor..
felt so stress and depress..but worth it lar..
im not a doctor but i hope i can be a life saver..
many people died before they manage to reach the doctor
so i will proceed to the second level o!! =)
this time mostly is about SEA........