Saturday, 28 November 2009

Knock Knock!!!

Hello everyone!!!!

Can see the blog has been left in a bad state for nearly a month now.. no updates from anyone at all!!! Hmmm.... everyone busy?

Oklah then let me update u guys abit of what happened to me recently lor....

Recently I don't online that much anymore cuz I have been considerably busier than last year, everyday when reach home already so tired so don't really have the energy to chat anymore.. =P

A VERY BIG SORRY to all!!!! haha....

So tonight, I busy inside steal free (in mandarin) to clear the cobwebs of this long forgotten blog....

Heres just a short update on where I've been recently lah...

So recently, I went to....

This place!!!! I think everyone can read the name of the place lah, its called Stanford Bridge anyways...

What for I go there? to sightsee like Old Trafford?

I went there for...

A match!!! Yesh no need to tell me, its a super old game (I had no time to update okay...) AND its not an important game.
But still, its a Premier League game.... still was good...

The Chelsea players coming out~~~

The Blackburn players... kesian kena booed cuz they are away...

Guess who??? =D

This is the best & closest pic I could get of anyone there.. =)

Yup, that was where I went to a few weeks ago.... then we fastforward to now...

What is the Big Event that is happening now in the UK?

Anyone got any idea?

Its the ATP World Finals!!!

For those who don't know, the ATP World Finals is the 2nd most important tennis match just below all those Grand Slams.

So basically, the top 8 players of the world are here to play against each other...

Here's the list of the top players, since I know the only 2 names that everyone knows are Federer and Nadal anyways..

1) Roger Federer
2) Rafael Nadal
3) Novak Djokovic
4) Andy Murray
5) Juan Martin Del Potro
6) Andy Roddick
7) Nikolay Davydenko
8) Fernando Verdasco
9) Robin Soderling

For some reason, Andy Roddick pulled out in the last minute, so Soderling took his place.

However, the match that i saw was between...




Can any of u recognise who they are?

No, they are not Nadal or Federer... we dam suay cuz Federer only playing at night, we got tickets for the afternoon one.

The top one is world no. 4 Andy Murray vs no. 8 Fernando Verdasco (bottom)

The game started with some unknowns playing doubles, which was boring...

But things start to heat up once we got to the singles.

I was THIS near to Andy Murray!!!!

Okay guys.... this is it for this short update.... If u guys want to hear more about these 2 events that I went to, just tell me on the chatbox and I will give a full account soon.. If not, then.. haha^^ I can rest my fingers ^^

Take care!!!


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